Digital documents for
a digital age.

Secure. Fast. Convenient.

Verime provides a secure platform for you
to keep your documents and access to services
that makes your everyday go smoother.

The app that lets you do
everything on your phone. Well,
almost everything.

Built with your consent in
mind, Verime
Keeps your documents secure and in one

Only you the user and those you choose to share your documents will
have access to your information. No one else, not even our engineers.
Allows you to always be have a record
of where you share your documents

You have the final say on what, who and when to share
information, as you will be prompted with every request and you
will know who the request comes from. It gives you the power to
control who has access to your data, to ensure that it is only
shared with companies that you trust.
Enables you to onboard from wherever
you are

You will be able to instantly share documents, sign contracts and be
in contact with your sevice providers from anywhere in the world.
Saves you time and hassle,
Save time by reducing repetitive steps and being able to do more
from anywhere, allowing you to be the best you can be. Finally, try
baking or cycling or climibing kilimanjaro. You can do anything

With the latest in AI and
cybersecurity technology, we will
offer you convenience, control,
savings, efficiency and security in your day to day.